Chester, 5th December 2010

Yet another tussle with Merseytravel this week. The frost had frozen some points, so it was a rail replacement bus from Rock Ferry and we didn’t arrive at Chester until 10 to 12. Yesterday’s rain had washed most of the ice off the pavements, but there were still some slippy bits on shady steps and cobbles. The canal wasn’t frozen, but there were only Mallards, a Greylag Goose and a squawking crowd of Black-headed Gulls.
We lunched on the Cathedral lawn, with crows cawing while flying between the trees and the Cathedral roof. This morning’s bright sunshine had clouded over, so we sought warmth in the Grosvenor Museum then toured the Christmas Market in the Castle courtyard. There were several Pied Wagtails amongst the Christmas shoppers.
We took the 3 o’clock train home, going through a thick localised patch of mist between Bache and Capenhurst. Our only other bird of the day was a buzzard in the trees, seen from the train.
Now that spring is coming (we hope) are there any more MNA members who would like to write about wildlife sightings on this blog? You are most welcome. Register first, the Admin will get a notification, and will then make sure you get “write” access. (We have to have a registration process to keep out people selling blue pills or dodgy investments.) 

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