Carr Mill Dam 15th October 2011

(John Clegg’s report) The walk started off at the Waterside pub with the large group of Canada Geese. From the bank we had a good view of a Kingfisher going over the overflow of the dam, with a second seen over the lake.

As we walked around the lake a flock of 30 Fieldfares flew over – the first of the winter. At our lunch stop on the bridge we saw a large number of Drown Flies on the Ivy. At Otterswift Farm there were two species of Hawthorn in the hedge – Common and Midland. On the lake we saw nine Great Crested Grebes in a group and five Heron flew over together. Total bird species seen was 33, including a couple of late Swallows.

On a dead Wood Pigeon there were several Green Bottle Flies. We saw a good number of Red Admirals and one Speckled Wood. Some of the group also saw a 19-spot Ladybird.

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