Parkgate, 18th December 2016

Our last meeting of the year was to Parkgate, not really for a walk, but for our Christmas lunch at the carvery at the Old Quay. We mooched slowly along from Mostyn Square to the restaurant, on  a lovely bright and sunny day with the tide coming in. There were great views over to the Flintshire coast and the “ghost ship” the Duke of Lancaster. A Ringtail Marsh Harrier headed seawards and soon a big flock of Lapwings came in.

We had our lunch, but declined the dessert in favour of an ice cream from the famous Nicholls of Parkgate. A Heron flew in and took up station by the main pool, hoping for good pickings at the turn of the tide at about 2pm.

The buses home from Parkgate are only two-hourly (1.30 or 3.30) so we walked up to Neston for the in-between bus at 2.36.

Happy Christmas to all, and here are some jolly Santa toys from Chester Market a few weeks ago.

Public transport details: Bus 487 from Sir Thomas Street at 10.29, arriving Parkgate Mostyn Square at 11.28. Returned from Neston Brook Street on the 487 at 2.36, arriving Liverpool 3.35.


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