Greenbank Park, 31st March 2024

Greenbank Park is on land formerly belonging to the Rathbone family, Liverpool philanthropists for nearly 200 years. Their residence, Greenbank House is nearby, and bears a blue plaque.  Liverpool Corporation bought some of their land in 1897, with the stipulation that it should be maintained as an open space for the public.

It was a bright and sunny Easter Sunday, with Norway Maple starting to bloom on Smithdown Road, and more Willow catkins in the park.

There were Pied Wagtails on the lawns, Canada Geese sleeping on the edge of lake, Mallards, Moorhen, and Coots.

A Blackbird and two Blue Tits were rummaging on a chippings pile, which must have had worthwhile insects to forage for.

A pair of Ring-necked Parakeets were seeing off an interloper, and then they returned to their inspection of a hole on the side of a large Plane tree overhanging the lake.

Nuthatches were calling, but we didn’t see any of them. However, there was a very alert Mistle Thrush on the open playing field next to the park.

In the Old English Garden, a lady was “hiding” egg-shaped toys for a toddler’s Easter Egg Hunt later in the day. They were really in plain sight at toddler’s eye level, so none would be disappointed. The garden has been smartened up recently, but still has some filling-out to do.

After lunch we headed down Greenbank Lane to Sefton Park. The old Cherries are blooming well.

On the MNA short walk to Sefton Park on Tuesday 12th March we stood and watched a juvenile Swan being pursued around the boating lake, probably by its father, who was urging it to go away and start a new life. It may be the very same young bird which is now hanging about on the small waterway between the William Rathbone Statue and the Palm House. It is still being harassed. As we watched, a Canada Goose flapped at it, and even a Coot made an aggressive rush at it. Poor cygnet, not one of life’s adventurers, obviously.

There were two Great Crested Grebes on the main lake, a few Tufted Duck, and a couple of  Coot’s nests.

The great masses of Daffodils up on the banks at the southern end were looking terrific, and some young people were looking for Instagram moments.

Public transport details: Bus 75 from Elliot Street at 10.02, arriving Smithdown Road / Borrowdale Road at 10.20.  Returned from Aigburth Road / Jericho Lane on he 82 bus at 1.55.

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