Pickerings Pasture, 8th September 2013

(Report from John Clegg). Five Sunday Group members visited this area of mixed woodland, open pasture and the River Mersey. The tide was out and on one of the sandbanks was a large flock of Black-tailed Godwit, which suddenly took flight. We could pick out a large female Peregrine Falcon twisting and turning in the air while giving chase. She didn’t make a kill.
There were also Lapwings, Canada Geese and Redshanks on the sandbanks.
A new pop-up cafĂ© is open on Sundays, with very low prices, and when it’s operating the toilets are open, which is a useful thing to know!
At the bird hide we noticed that the Black-tailed Godwits had moved on to the field by the pond, as the tide had now come in. They were accompanied by 500-600 Canada Geese. A Heron was with some Teal in the pond.
From the bus on the way home we saw a Little Egret in one of the flooded fields.


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