Just an ordinary day in the lab…


Well not quite
I was working on some oil-well drill cuttings from Kurdistan. Lifted the penultimate sample bag from one of the boxes when out pops a gecko! These boxes have been in a storage garage on the Wirral for the past week – no idea how long they took to clear customs.

It sat for a while on the bench but became restless so I tranferred it to a glass sample jar, dripped in a few drops of water from a pipette for it to drink and found a few tiny dead flies on the lab window – heh heh. Had a quick photo session – put some sand in the bottom of a shallow tray and it posed nicely before I returned it to its jar.


After the rather frustrating RSPCA call system – no appropriate buttons to press for exotic reptiles in your lab! I finally got through to a human and the little fella was collected at lunchtime.

Had a quick google and it looks like a Rough-tailed Bowfoot Gecko Cyrtopodion scabrum a small, nocturnal ground gecko, with exceptionally long, angular toes.


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