Neston and Wirral Way, 27th March 2022

Neston town centre

What a lovely day! I have been in Ireland, which has also had two weeks of sunshine, and it was sunny and warm again today. We rode the bus across the Wirral, looking at the gardens full of Forsythia, early white Cherry blossom, Magnolias, Flowering Currant and just-opening red Crab Apple blossom. The Norway Maple trees were starting to open their lime green flowers. St Mary and St Helen’s church in Neston has a picture-perfect little country village churchyard, with the peaceful old graves covered with Lesser Celandine and Forget-me-not.

We walked down Church Lane, but instead of joining the Wirral Way immediately we took the footpath south-west past the water treatment works. The hedgerows were alive with singing Dunnocks, Chaffinches, Robins and Chiffchaffs. We heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming, the Blue Tits and Long-tailed Tits were foraging in the trees, a Pied Wagtail and a Skylark were feeding in an open field and a Buzzard cruised overhead, hunting.  A Pussy Willow (Goat Willow) had its flowers out, and early bumble bees were buzzing around the pollen.

Daisies and early Dandelions were everywhere, and the hedges were full of Blackthorn.

We went as far as the broken walls of the old quay, where we had our lunch overlooking the marsh. There was no sign of the recent fire damage, just a distant Little Egret.  Then we retraced our steps to Old Quay Lane and along a footpath that took us to the Wirral Way.  

We spotted the earlier Buzzard on the ground, tearing at something, so it had its lunch, too.

The banks of the Wirral Way were full of Arum leaves and lots of Wild Garlic, some of it just in flower.

The Oak buds were breaking out their flowers and leaves.

The first Cow Parsley was in bloom.

We walked as far as the car park, then down Station Road to the Old Quay restaurant. On this Mother’s Day it was full to capacity, with a rope up to deter more arrivals. The fire damage was near there, with a large chunk of the marsh showing black from the charred vegetation. (Sorry about the blotches – I had to shoot right into the sun.)

There were hordes of people in Parkgate, with a big queue at the famous ice cream shop. We hurried along and were just in time at Mostyn Square for the 1.30 bus back to Liverpool.

Public transport details: Bus 487 from Sir Thomas Street at 10.29, arriving Brook Street Neston at 11.20. Returned on the 487 bus from Mostyn Square Parkgate at 1.30, arriving Liverpool 2.25.

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