Dibbinsdale 25th October 2015

MNA Dibbinsdale Honey Fungus1

Honey Fungus

A damp, cool Autumnal feel to the air for my morning wander around Dibbinsdale. A nice start with a cluster of Honey Fungus Armillaria mellea on the fallen Beech Tree Fagus sylvatica beside the path sloping down from Bromborough Rake Station and Shaggy Scalycap Pholiota squarrosa at the base of a tree opposite that unfortunately had been attacked by slugs.

MNA Dibbinsdale Leafy Brain Pale Form1

Leafy Brain

The pale form of Leafy Brain Tremella foliacea proved photogenic. At the top end of Bodens Hay Meadow a Red Oak Quercus rubra was living up to its name its leaves a blaze of colour. Another fallen Beech tree had Amethyst Deceiver Laccaria amethystea and exploded Stump Puffballs Lycoperdon pyriforme.

MNA Dibbinsdale Amethyst Deciever1

Amethyst Deciever

Returning to where I had found a lonesome Collared Earthstar Geastrum triplex on the 4th October 2015 close to the Ranger’s Office at Woodslee Cottages I was rewarded with half a dozen peeking through the Pedunculate Oak leaves Quercus robur.

MNA Dibbinsdale Earthstar1

Collared Earthstar

I counted 9-10 Grey Squirrels Scirius carolinensis going about their business foraging for leaner times to come. A nice finale to the walk was a Kingfisher that flew along Dibbin Brook ‘peeping’ before briefly perching on a branch close to the wooden path marker 8.

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