Peru September 2015

MNA Inca Art

After visiting Belize and Guatemala last year to indulge in a bit of Mayan culture now it was the turn of the Incas with a couple of weeks in Peru. We experienced a variety of sites including the inevitable Machu Picchu, the fortified complex of Saksaywaman on the hilltop overlooking Cusco, the pre-Incan burial chullpas at Sillustani and the Uros Indians on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca.

MNA Machu Pichu1

Birding included a variety of Andean specialities including Andean Goose, Puna Teal, Andean Duck, White-tufted Grebe, Lake Titicaca Grebe, Chilean Flamingo, Puna Ibis, Andean Condor – in the gorgeous setting of Colca Canyon, Andean Flicker, Mountain Caracara, Aplomado Faclon, Andean Negrito etc…

MNA Andean Condor1

Andean Condor

Mammals included Northern Viscacha Lagidium peruanum, Guinea Pig Cavia porcellus, Guanaco Lama guanicoe, Llama Lama glama, Vicuña Vicugna vicugna and Alpaca Vicugna pacos.

Unfortunately I had a bad bout of food poisoning  – probably a dodgy trout – so there is not the usual diverse range of wildlife pics – still a few though 🙂

MNA Peru Bug Adult1

Bug adult

MNA Peru Bug Nymph1

Bug nymph

MNA Peru Butterfly1

Catula Crescent Dagon catula

MNA Peru Caterpillar1

Spiky Caterpillar

MNA Peru Corpse1

Corpse Of The Trip

MNA Peru Moth1

Arctiid Moth Symphlebia fulminans

MNA Peru Thorn Bug1

Treehopper a.k.a. Thorn Bug Alchisme sp.

At a local market in Arequipa there were a few seafood stalls.

MNA Peru Octopus1


MNA Peru Crab1

‘Punk’ Crab

MNA Peru Seafood1

Shellfish meat – possibly Chiton sp.

MNA Peru Guinea Pig1

Local dish of Cuy – guinea pig

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