Burton Mere Wetlands Reserve

An alternative view from Tony Carter.
The warden of the Reserve asked if I would lead a fungus foray for the public. As the MNA had fixed the 21st for a programmed visit and I had never been to the site, it seemed to be a good opportunity to acquaint myself with the area and see if it was suitable to hold such an event.  So, while other members were being delighted by Hobbies and Marsh Harriers, I was wandering around a small and dry woodland, looking for fungi.

I only found twenty-four species in two hours. Most of them were wood-decaying fungi, such as Fistulina hepatica (Beefsteak Fungus) on a fallen oak tree. There were very few mycorrhizal fungi, those that grow in association with plants, which one would expect in a healthy wood. Also missing were many of the most common fungi, essential for a public foray.

Fistulina hepatica Burton Mere 0913

One  good find was a group of Gymnopilus junonius (Spectacular Rustgill) under another oak. In the USA, it is known as Laughing Jim.

Gymnopilus juninius Burton Mere 0913

Happily, I got back to the viewing area in time to see a Purple Sandpiper so my visit was not totally disappointing.

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