Pictures from February and March

This weekend Chris Derri gave me some more of his recent pictures to post.  First off, a splendid Kestrel photographed at Carsington Water on 17th February.

001 Kestrel

002 Kestrel

Here are some Waxwings taken in Prescot on 23rd February.

003 Waxwings

004 Waxwings

On 24th February he spotted a Heron at Glasson Dock on the Lune estuary.

005 Heron

006 Heron

At Sizergh Castle on 13th March he photographed a Dipper, a Grey Wagtail, a pair of Goosanders, a Redwing and a Red Kite. Here’s the Dipper.

008 Dipper

007 Dipper

009 Dipper

And here’s the Grey Wagtail.

011 Grey Wagtail

010 Grey Wagtail

The male Goosander has a dark green head while the female has a red one.

013 Goosander male

012 Goosander male

014 Goosander female

Here’s the Redwing with its very pronounced white eye-stripe.

015 Redwing

And lastly, here’s the Red Kite. It’s the one described in Sabena’s post of the visit, with wing tags – left wing orange and right wing red. Its tail is looking quite raggedy.

016 Red Kite

017 Red Kite

018 Red Kite

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