Landican Cemetery, 20th February 2022

We often go to Landican Cemetery at this time of year, hoping to see the Hares which sneak in from the surrounding farmland to snack on the floral tributes.  Sadly, we didn’t see any today, just lines of fresh molehills (which we can claim as a wild mammal “sighting”). It was a filthy day, gloomy and windy, with more heavy rain forecast for the afternoon. We had been thrashed by Storm Dudley on Wednesday, by Storm Eunice on Friday, and now Storm Franklin was revving up.  We half expected to see more trees down, but all was clean and tidy. The previous storms of the winter must have already taken out the weak ones. The prominent Monterrey Cypress merely had some broken branches tangled in its canopy, but a much-loved memorial tree by the side of the main drive had recently snapped right off. It had been cleared up, leaving just a pile of broken twigs for the gardeners to collect.

Most of the spring flowers like crocuses and the first daffodils had been flattened by the winds. Bunches of flowers and cherub ornaments were blown about higgledy-piggledy, and this tribute to someone called “Gazza” had been stripped.

We did look at the trees, admiring a marvellous old Cherry with a twisted trunk, the catkins on an Italian Alder and a red-twigged bare tree which was probably some kind of Willow.

Cherry with a twisted trunk
Italian Alder catkins
Bare red tree, Willow?

The pollen sacs on the Golden Yews appear to have protruded and opened at one end.

The wind became gustier as Storm Franklin approached. We sheltered for our lunch in a roofed alcove next to the central buildings. We thought the chapels were all closed up for the weekend, but we noticed a man and woman open a door, take in fresh flowers and bring out old ones. After they drove off we investigated and found a remembrance room for cremated remains, with closed niches covering all the walls. It was rather lovely.

By then it was raining hard, and it was time to go home!

Public transport details: Bus 472 from Sir Thomas Street at 10.12, arriving Arrowe Park Road / Landican Cemetery at 10.46. Returned from the stop opposite on bus 471 at 12.55, arriving Liverpool 1.25.

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