Flowering trees, spring 2020

In these lockdown days, when short forays into nature are all we can hope for, I have been looking for trees in flower in my local streets and parks, noting some wildflowers too. In Alexandra Park on 8th April the pink Cherry was magnificent. There was also a white one, perhaps a Wild Cherry, and the ornamental Snowy Mespil (Amelanchier lamarckii).

Pink cherry
White cherry
Snowy Mespil

The street trees and shrubs around my home are also doing well. My neighbour’s Wisteria is magnificent this year, as is her dark Lilac, but none of the local Laburnums seem to be blooming well.


On Everest Road, near Coronation Park, there are two young Manna Ashes, which look like ordinary Ash for most of the year, but put out spectacular fluffy flowers in early May.

Manna Ash

I made a special trip up to Eshe Road North on 6th May to look at the Foxglove tree, which had just passed its best.

Foxglove tree

In Victoria Park on 3rd May  I spotted Horse Chestnut, Rowan, Hawthorn (white and red) and the demure blossom of Holly.

Horse Chestnut
Hawthorn, probably the variety ‘Paul’s Scarlet’

The ordinary wildflowers were flourishing due to the “reduced maintenance regime” in all the local parks. Dandelions were running rampant everywhere, while the daisies were in massed carpets. In odd corners were Garlic Mustard, Ragwort and Red Campion.

Red Campion
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