Ainsdale 20th June 2010

Lots of White Satin Moths Leucoma salicis in the large dune slack south of the Ainsdale Discovery Centre.  Plenty of empty pupae cases, adult moths on the wing, mating pairs and females busy laying eggs. Unusually, the Satin Moth overwinters in the caterpillar stage so the caterpillars present were probably from last year. Not a great profusion of Orchids in the dunes with scatterings on Early Marsh and Southern Marsh Orchids and only one lone Bee Orchid. Nice to see an extensive carpet of Yellow Rattle in one dune slack. Butterflies on the wing included Common Blues and Small Heaths.

The pair of Mute Swans on Sands Lake have five cygnets. Unfortunately yet another idiot dog owner had his collie off the lead that went for the Swans. Mum thankfully moved them into safety on the water whilst the Cob Swan took out his revenge on the dog!

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