Ermine moth caterpillars at Frodsham Marsh

An extraordinary sight meets the gaze of visitors to the sludge beds at Frodsham Marsh at the moment with hundreds of yards of the hedgerow above N0 6 bed a line of shimmering white in the sunshine. The shrubs which have been stripped of foliage are covered with the protective webs of a micro moth the spindle ermine, Yponmeuta cagnagella there in their millions, with larvae descending from the higher branches on threads of silk and the fence posts are all topped with thousands of the caterpillars seeking shade. In previous years shorter streches of hedgerow have been affected but this years emergence  provides a remarkable sight.

Dave Hardy 

Frodsham ErmineFrodsham Ermine 2

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  1. Last year in Rotterdam a car became cocooned with Spindle Ermine caterpillars silken web.

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